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The Penultimate Day

I’ve just got home from my penultimate day working a 9 to 5.

The realisation of what I set in motion two months ago is now dawning on me.

I’m not worried, honestly. It’s just a bit unnerving not having a structure in place for Wednesday.

Don’t get me wrong, i know what i’m doing that day. But it’s me deciding it.

I’ve never been allowed that freedom before. Well, not in a work environment anyway.

Am i going to be good at arranging my days?

On Wednesday i’m going to contact a few people I know, drop some business cards off, finish a web project, do some writing. But that’s just the first day, what then?

It’s scary not having that daily routine.

Driving to work.

Parking up.

Unlocking the office.

Unsetting the alarm.

Putting the lights on.

Unlocking the back doors.

Pulling the blinds up.

Firing up my laptop.

A cuppa and a snack at 10:30 (you’ve got to have 11sies right?!).

Driving home for my 60 minutes of freedom that is called lunchtime.

It’s an odd feeling not knowing what the future holds.

I mean, when you have a job you know you’re gonna be going to the same place, doing the same thing in six months from now. It’s like a safety net, humans like routine. It’s what keeps a lot of people trapped in employment.

That safe feeling of knowing where you’re going, what work you’re expected to do and that monthly salary.

So yeah, one day left. Oh fcuk.


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