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The first day…

Saying goodbye wasn’t that hard, I wouldn’t have changed working there as I wouldn’t be in the place i am today.

I wouldn’t have met some very special, life changing people along the way, and i’d probably be looking at another 9-5 job in another IT company right now.

Walking away, the sense of freedom is incredible.

Suddenly you’ve gone from a written piece of paper telling you to be here at this time until that time, being given X amount for it with all manner of rules and punishments if that’s not adhered too, to being the master of your own destiny.

Walking away from the office for the last time it was as if birds were lifting this huge weight and responsibility from me.

I drove home in my own car, with my favourite tunes on, wondering what the future holds and where i’ll be in a month’s time.


The next day

I felt like that Seagull looks in the main image up top that morning…

I’ve said to myself i’m going to get up at the same time as I would for work.

I’m not a student. I’m not lazy and never have been. I’d much rather be up and about than wasting my life in bed.

So at 7:30 i was up. Firing up my desktop I spent the next hour and a half replying to emails, writing a news story and sorting out a HTML signature for my new email address.

Jumping in the shower at 9 and then having breakfast as i would normally.

Thinking on it, i may switch this routine up, as it’s led to me eating later, which isn’t good. So i’ll think i’ll go back to breakfast at 7:30 when i wake.

After that I popped out to drop off some business cards to a few friends for my IT work. I also ran a few errands in the surreal dead that is daytime.

It’s so strange how quiet everywhere is of a weekday when most of the world are at work. It’s like being in 28 days later…but with less zombies.

The roads are dead. The supermarkets are dead. There are no queues. It’s alien.

I met up with a good friend Mr Huff for coffee in Starbucks, he wanted to see me on my first day going it alone. He’s a journalistic father figure to me, so it was great to see such a reassuring face on my first day of freedom.

Driving back home I had a few freelance pieces to write and some advertorials to get online.

I made double what I would at my 9-5 on my first day.

Granted, it’s not always going to be like that, but it was a positive start.



It’s going to take time to get used to this…not having a structure is such a strange feeling.

I’m not bad at managing my time, but you have to be strict. If you pop out for an hour or two, that needs to be made up.

If I’ve not made enough money that day, I need to think how i’m going to do that the next day.

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