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The first full week

Having ended my 9 to 5 on a Tuesday, the intervening three days felt a bit like ‘time off’.

Obviously I was working, I mean it hasn’t sunken in yet that this is it. Each day is going to be at home, doing my own thing.

So, now that a full five ‘working’ days have passed…it still feels the same.

Money wise it was a bit slower than the first few days. I still made enough, but it feels like I should be doing even more.

I’ve found myself working much longer hours already…because i’m at home, it just feels the same as when I used to come in from work and crack on with my own stuff, so there were a few nights where i was still ‘working’ at 8/9PM.

But as it doesn’t feel like work per se, it doesn’t bother me. So yeah, I need to start being stricter with that.

Once I have a more stable income I think i’ll readjust the working hours then.

Ideally I want to get it to the stage where i’m not working Friday, Saturday and Sunday. But I think that’s a fair way off yet.

Also, the fact that i’m always thinking of different things to do, new avenues or outlets to try, it means I never really switch off anyway…I’ve always been like that though.

I’ve not turned into a total recluse…yet. I’ve gone out every day to either run errands, or to see friends. There hasn’t been a day where I’ve stayed inside on my own. Which is good, as it will be novel when it finally happens.

I’m yet to pick up any new work, so I’ve been mainly working on bigger projects, web stuff for people and getting all my own writing up to date.

Next week will definitely be about pushing forward with new ideas, and getting in touch with a few people.

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