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Month: March 2017

Sorry for the silence

I wanted to update HMN as regular as possible. But in all honesty, this first month i’ve purely been focusing on making it work. It’s been mega busy, three days into being freelance i’d secured a deal worth 1/5th of my old salary. Which will keep me going for a few months at least. A few weeks after that i picked up another contract worth roughly a month’s wages. That’s another month i don’t have to worry about. I’m not saying this to brag either, it’s just to show that it can be done. I’ve got roughly three, maybe four…

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What do you desire?

So i happened to come across this video the other day. The speech is from Alan Watts, a British Philosopher who died in 1973. For me, not only is it highly motivational, but it sums up the whole way of life that’s narrated to us from an early age. You must go to school. Achieve high grades. Find a good job with a career path. Work your way up. Have kids and a family. Retire. Die. That’s the structure of life for pretty much the entire planet. If you enjoy your job then great, crack on. But for the majority of…

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