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What do you desire?

So i happened to come across this video the other day. The speech is from Alan Watts, a British Philosopher who died in 1973.

For me, not only is it highly motivational, but it sums up the whole way of life that’s narrated to us from an early age.

You must go to school.
Achieve high grades.
Find a good job with a career path.
Work your way up.
Have kids and a family.

That’s the structure of life for pretty much the entire planet.

If you enjoy your job then great, crack on. But for the majority of people…lets say a good 80% a job is a means to an end. Money.

What would you be doing if money was no object? If you didn’t have to pay the bills to live, what would you do with all that precious time you have.

That time, that’s your life. And you only have a finite amount of it.

Surely your time is worth more than £8.50/£10/£15 an hour.

If you were offered £1.8 million to be trapped five days a week for the next 60 years, would you take it?


And yet that’s what the majority of people do. That’s a good wage too, £30,000 a year after tax, meaning you’d have to earn £40k a year to take home that amount in the UK.

It’s mental, yet that’s what we all do. That’s life as we know it…Jim.

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