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Here’s why you shouldn’t go to uni

Yesterday there was a lot of talk about free tuition fees in the media here in the UK.

You see, once upon a time university was free. Back then around 7% or something stupid actually went on to further education and a degree.

As governments changed and more people attended uni, it was decided that fees should be introduced.

If you want a degree these days you have to pay roughly £9,000 a year for the privilege. That’s on top of any accommodation if you don’t live in the same town, not to mention living expenses.

The whole secondary school system is built around sending you to university. That’s the only next step if you want to make anything of yourself in this world.

I never had a clue what i wanted to do in life. I went to the career adviser and said in plain English that ‘I don’t want to go to uni‘. I quite liked the thought of being out and about, not stuck in an office, so mentioned estate agency (thank fuck i didn’t do that) she said i should go to uni to study property management…

I argued the fact that it’s probably easy enough to get a job as an estate agent without a degree. But i was firmly told that i should go to uni as it will better my chances. Right.

There was a second career choice too, but i can’t remember what that was. Once again, she said i should go to uni.

I left rather angry, still none the wiser as to what I should do in life. Now being even more adamant that I didn’t want to go to university.



When you SHOULD go to uni

If you want to do something with law, medicine or aspire to be a scholar, mathematician, physicist etc then yes – GO TO UNI.

For everyone else it’s a waste of your life, and money.

The amount of people that i went to school with that have done the whole uni thing, to only now, at the ages of 25/26 start a proper career job. Or even move out from under their parents roofs. It’s ridiculous.

Everyone goes to uni for three years, comes out with a degree in ‘Media’ 🙄 or some other bollocks that’s not worth the paper it’s written on. Then they find out that the marketplace is flooded with other sheeple 🐑 that all have a degree.

So no, it hasn’t upped your ability to get even an entry level job. It’s cast you out and put you into a massive pot of people with zero experience.

It’s all about experience

In my last job I sat sifting through CV’s of new candidates. Some of them have qualifications coming out of their arse, literally. All they’ve done is studied since school. It’s an instant No.

Why? No experience.

Great you’ve got a degree in computing, you’ve got five Microsoft qualifications. But what do you do when you’re on site and a customers server shits a hard drive in a raid 5 configuration. The whole company is down, no internet, emails bouncing and the owner’s shouting expletives at you. Yeah. Deal with that one. Maybe show them your degree?

These days it’s not the qualifications you have that make you stand out. It’s EXPERIENCE.

Hitting the ground running after A levels is by far the best bet for say…80% of school leavers. Work the crap jobs, start at the bottom but always focus on what you want to do, or try and find what you’d like to do in life.

Want to write or work in media? Write for free for small, local outlets for a while. Get a good body of work together. Then go to a bigger publisher and show them how great you are. It won’t take long to land you a full time gig or even freelance positions across multiple outlets. Turning up at that big news agency with a degree at 21 won’t even get you a second look.

The same can be said for pretty much any industry, I just used media/writing as it’s what I’ve ended up doing.



No qualifications at all

I worked for six years as a second/third line field engineer bod looking after multiple small businesses. Do i have a doctorate, degree, or even a Microsoft exam to my name? Hell no.

But i came to that role with three years solid experience at well respected companies. My boss told me he turned down everyone with qualifications as they had no real life experience. If that was the case six years ago, think how much worse it is today.


Fuck uni

So fuck uni. Unless you want upwards of £30k of debt that you’ll be paying off until your late 30’s, or early 40’s.

Once upon a time a degree could give you a great advantage, but that was when the few achieved such qualifications. Now the tables have turned, so think long and hard whether you actually NEED a degree for the career you’re going into.


I’m angry

It really pisses me off how the whole school system works. Pushing every single person to go to uni.

Half the time you have no idea what you want to be, or do in life at 17 years old. So why would you get yourself into all that debt, following a course that sets you down a path for the rest of your life. At 17.

It’s madness.

Schools and the curriculum should be more open minded. Apprenticeships should be far wider ranging, across multiple industries. You know, like it used to be way before I was even born.

And if you don’t want to go to uni it shouldn’t be frowned upon like it is. There’s a whole stigma around ‘not doing the done thing’ and that you’ll amount to nothing in life because you haven’t been to uni. It’s all such a load of bollocks.

Rant. Over.



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