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The Struggle Is Real


So I’ve been a bit quiet of late. Trying to get on with this ‘Freelance’ stuff.

It all started off so well. I landed a deal for two websites which was the equivalent of about three months wages. That was in my first week of going it alone.
Money behind me, all good.

I ended up doing a bit of contracting for my old place here and there, but I never really purposefully pursued freelance bits.

Mainly because EVERYONE already has freelancers in the automotive field, and you don’t want to step on your colleagues toes…that can make car launches a tad awkward.
That, tinged with a bit of laziness as i had a nice big buffer behind me.



Cue a quietish month…or two…and not reigning back on my normal spending meant I was soon running out of money.

I then had to pay my accountant a fair amount for the years books, setting up PAYE etc and it all ended up being more because i’m a Limited Company not a Sole Trader.


I ended up with roughly £200 to my name. Fuck.

That was the beginning of this month. Bare in mind that my rent is £550 alone. Plus eating, owning and running four cars (I don’t drink, smoke, do drugs. So leave me alone.) meant I was coming up a little short for December’s outgoings.



After a day or so of declaring I was a failure and that I can’t do this any more….it was fun while it lasted…the thought of getting a job and being back in the shitty rat race as everyone else kicked in.

A hard look at my main motivation (all will be explained next year) and some thinking got me fired up.


This was low, really fucking low. The shittiest point in my journey so far.

My old boss said I was needed for most of November, that meant two weeks working a few days would cover the accountants fees…I had to pay him late which really peed me off.

I hate paying late. But i literally didn’t have the money.

Then I happened to come across a guy asking for some minor gardening work. Weed killing a patio. Nobody had contacted him back so I dropped him an email and quoted £15 an hour. He said sure. That’s now turned into a regular thing.
I don’t mind it, the money is way low compared to what i could get writing, but i’d rather earn £30 of a Friday for two hours work than sod all. Plus…it’s rather therapeutic burning weeds.

I then turned to freelancing websites. Normally these are pretty crappy. People want 1,000 word articles for $25…that’s £18.66. It takes me about 40 minutes to write 500/600 decent words. I don’t like to rush. Plus research time can easily make it an hour.
I’ve had one or two decent bits of work from them before, but they’re few and far between. But I persevered.

Well, this month through freelance bits on random websites alone I’ve earnt my rent. I can’t say I’ve done that in the past 10 months through freelance writing.

I managed to do some Black Friday email marketing for a site I look after, and a few web updates for existing customers have added up.

Between contracting and all this writing I’ve been pulling 15 hour days most of November. It was either that or lose my apartment.

I’ve also survived on two bare minimum food shops and eaten whatever I already had. The freezer and cupboards are starting to look rather bleak.

The contracting at my old place has massively helped me out. I don’t like to admit it…and I won’t to my old boss, but it’s really saved me this past month. Thankfully he’s wanted me for most of December too…but January will be another story. He can’t keep asking me in forever, i’m costing him too much.


The Epiphany

When I was at my lowest point I thought about it. This situation was no different to that of probably millions of other people in this country, I’ve even been here before.

When you’re out of savings and your bills are paid that’s it. You have no money. But most have the reliability of that next pay cheque. They know XXXX is coming in 15, 20 days time.

Suddenly it wasn’t as scary. What if they lost their job that month, or the company folded?

I was in that exact same position of having nothing. I gave up my reliance of a wage, in return I have an uncapped potential for my earnings.



So yeah. I got myself into a really bad situation purely through not planning ahead.

I knew tough times would happen, it was just a matter of when. I fully understood that when I handed in my notice.
Back then I didn’t even have the ways and means to pay the bills the month after I left.

Thankfully *touches wood* nothing major has gone wrong needing a large bill to be paid in the last two months.

This whole situation has made me realise how I need to be working this hard all the time, not taking it easy relying on little bits here and there.
I can hopefully do that once I’ve got money behind me as a rainy day fund.


I’m still not out of the woods yet. I have enough for January…but it’s going to take a few months slogging to be stable again.


I love making money on my own. But boy does it suck when you don’t have any.


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