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My Motivation

Motivation is the key to success. Without it you have nothing. So what motivates me?

Well, this post was written on February 26th 2017. I didn’t post it on that date, as I wasn’t sure if my freelance ventures would be a success or not.

But here it is.

The Moon.

Bear with me here…

Over the last three years or so I’ve rekindled my love of space. In my childhood I always loved anything space related, I’m not entirely sure where it came from, but one of my earlier memories in life was my Mum & Dad showing me pictures of when they went to see the Space Shuttle Enterprise at Stansted, on June 5th 1983, a whole five years before I was born.

It was so cool for them to have been that close to a piece of space related history, seeing those rounded corner 80’s photographs caught my imagination. I remember seeing lots of shuttle launches over the years…televised of course, I even remember having the TV on – when 24 hour news was still a newish thing – and Columbia broke up on reentry.

Space to me is the space shuttle. I was home from lunch on July 21st 2012 when Atlantis landed for the final time, watching it live i shed a tear as i witnessed the end of an era.

But something else that’s always amazed me, and it’s a week in time i so wish i could travel back to.

20th July 1969, nigh on 20 years prior to the day I was born. The date that man first landed on another celestial body. The Moon.
Oh how I envy my parents watching that as children. Living through Man’s greatest achievement must have been amazing.

It’s only since my space passion has been reborn that I’ve really, deeply, thought about what was achieved 48 years ago.

With 60’s technology, and just 66 years from mans first ever flight we put two humans on another world. A piece of rock┬áthat the dinosaurs, cave men, and the Romans looked up and gazed at.

If that’s not enough motivation to show what man can achieve, I don’t know what is.

I have a wild fascination with the moon. I could spend hours just looking up at it’s pitted surface through my telescope . It captivates me, thinking human life has been over a quarter of a million miles up there and returned multiple times.

Just looking up at it in the night sky, it never fails to┬ámake me smile. If we, as a race, made it to the Moon nothing is impossible. It’s just a matter of time, hard work and money.

Since finding this muse as my motivation I’ve been slowly building a small collection of memorabilia from the Apollo era.
The centrepiece is an original copy of The New York Times, from July 21st 1969. It sits at the end of my hallway so I see it everyday.

You shouldn’t look up to celebrity or wealth for motivation.

Find the simple things.

The things that make you stop in awe.



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