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This is me.
Adam Tudor-Lane | LinkedIn
…christ i look happy there!

I’m Adam. Since i left school I’ve worked in the drudgery that is a 9 to 5.

Being employed since the age of 18, ten years was enough. I decided it was time to go it alone.

I’d say i’m a bit of a creative, from web design and photography to writing…it’s good to feel like you’ve achieved something.

Ultimately, I guess that’s what a lot of mainstream, 9 to 5 jobs lack these days.

Nearly everything is a service based industry. In fact I’ve never worked in a role that wasn’t a service.

From Marks & Spencer, to British Telecom, then to a private Telecoms company and finally to an IT Support role…they were all services.

I either served a paying customer, installed something, or fixed a problem. Then went home.

There’s minimal job satisfaction, you don’t feel a part of anything, it’s just doing a task.

Granted, on occasion there would be a good day, these were mainly where I felt like I learnt something new. Over my last six years in full time work, those times were seldom few.

Even money couldn’t motivate me. My boss offered pay rises for each Microsoft course i completed, £1,000 each time up to a maximum of three.

Great right?! Well not when you consider after tax that’s £56 more a month. For studying in my own time, for however long it would take me to pass a qualification that was of no real value, and that I didn’t need.

No thanks. My time is more valuable than that.

So after giving six of (probably) the best years of my life, to a small business that didn’t grow an inch over that time enough was enough.


Oh…and i look so happy in my LinkedIn image as that was the first day of a startup boot camp!